Who Are We?


K9 Mantrailing South Africa is a non-profit organisation focused on training and providing mantrailing dogs for use in search and rescue work or other incidents involving missing persons.


We are committed to sharing knowledge and being transparent. We endeavour to work within the parameters of our own and our dogs capabilities. Our goals are as follows:

  • Save lives

  • Train mantrailing dogs and handlers

  • Provide a knowledge base for mantrailing in South Africa

  • Provide K9 mantrailing dogs

What are Mantrailing Dogs?

Mantrailing dogs have the unique ability to scent discriminate and find a specific person's scent trail amongst a contaminated background of scents.  We all leave scent behind when we touch articles, walk over surfaces and sit down in enclosed areas like cars. Scent also sheds from us through the air and collects on other surfaces. A trained mantrailing K9 can take scent from the person in question and follow the last path they have taken.


With proven abilities to provide key information when working with missing person cases or identifying and finding suspects of crime scenes, mantrailing dogs have successfully reduced crime in some countries and saved many lives on search and rescue missions.


Why are Mantrailing Dogs Needed in South Africa?


South Africa has a large number of missing person cases, mostly involving children, reported every day. Often the only clue is the last place they were seen. In areas lacking technology like CCTV mantrailing dogs can provide crucial information like the direction of travel or whether or not a person was in a specific location. This can quickly help target an investigation or narrow down the search area for other search and rescue resources.

Because mantrailing dogs work on a long lead and through areas where lots of people have been, they provide an edge in urban searches. In the Cape region the majority of crime and missing persons cases end up being in urban areas, if not a mixture of urban and wilderness, making mantrailing dogs a suitable crime fighting and search asset for us.

"The connection between a handler and their mantrailing dog

can only be felt"

Our Mission

To save lives and assist with providing crucial evidence with missing persons cases through the use of trained mantrailing dogs. We also aim to develop the discipline of mantrailing and its credibility in South Africa through an honest training ethos.


Our Vision

To be the trusted organisation for Mantrailing, providing resources to assist in and train for missing persons cases across South Africa

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K9 Mantrailing South Africa

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