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Litchi Arrives From Poland!

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Litchi (Kennel name Liczi) arrived from Poland in May 2018 to be trained for mantrailing in Cape Town

On The Eve of Litchis Arrival

Litchi is a Bavarian Mountain Hound (BGS). The breed originates from Germany and is used specifically as a scent hound for tracking wounded game. In recent years they have been used more for mantrailing due their ability to follow cold trails and problem solve difficult scenarios. This makes them great for urban trailing and subsequently mantrailing in Cape Town as a lot of our missing persons cases involve both wilderness and urban scenarios.

Bavarian Mountain Hounds also make great companions and bond well with their handlers developing good mantrailing teams, although with their need to work and use their noses they can be difficult in the home to say the least.

Frank Kania from IMTAK9 has had a lot of success with his BGS and the source of the inspiration for us importing Litchi from Poland. We look forward to her growing and developing with the team and sharing her successes with you.

Heres a short video clip of Litchi starting her puppy trails

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