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1. Become Volunteer K9 Handler or Support


We ensure our dogs are prepared for a variety of scenarios, circumstances and terrains and train at least twice a week. We welcome new K9/handler volunteer teams who undergo an assessment to determine they are fit and suitable for mantrailing. Should K9/handler teams be successful we require a certain time commitment from teams per month. 

2. Volunteering

It's crucial that mantrailing dogs are trained on a variety of 'runners'. Training with the same set of runners isn't ideal as dogs can become used to the same people. Please feel free to come join us on a training session and meet our friendly dogs. Handlers will guide you in how to set up a trail for a specific dog.

If you're interested in mantrailing, volunteering to hide for us is a great way to experience the discipline and meet the team.

3. Donate

Working dogs require a lot of time and effort to train. Volunteers are known to contribute over R20k/year to keep a mantrailing dog operational, while professionally training and placing a mantrailing dog can cost over R100k. Many hound breeds from working lines with success in mantrailing are not available in South Africa and dogs must be imported from Europe. Ongoing costs include frequent training sessions, big appetites for food, training equipment, vet bills, and of course the toys or food they work so hard for. By supporting K9 Mantrailing South Africa you can help ensure the incredible service these dogs can deliver by donating to our cause.

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